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Third Paper Crane

 ::Wandering through the mansion, {...} feels a chill run down his spine-- not a sensation he's exactly used to, but he realizes that it's to be expected. This place is haunted, there is no doubt about that. The atmosphere here is the same as the one at the theater he and Hanna once investigated, but somehow more... embedded in the surroundings. The ghost he'd fought at the theater had only been there a week, the presences in this house seem much older.

Going into one of the rooms, {...} recoils slightly as he notices that all the furniture is covered. On one wall is a lovely old fireplace... the darkness is starting to bother the zombie, and he moves towards it, considering lighting it, but when he gets within a meter of the wall the presence seems stronger, pounding down all around him.::

... No. I don't want to have to deal with more angry spirits. ::The zombie raises his eyebrows, staring knowingly into the dark. The last time he pissed off a ghost they tried to take over his body, and almost succeeded... he's not putting up with that again.::

Second Paper Crane

 ::Continuing his investigations of the train, {...} decided to explore a bit more-- try to find out what was on it. Maybe he'd get some clues about its purpose from the rooms there? It seemed fairly extensive.

Starting from his room, he began to walk down towards the front of the express, opening any doors he went past to see if he could find anything. Mostly rooms, at the back end, then the places he'd been before: convenience store, lounge, dining area... up to the front carts. The first seemed pretty straight forward, a cooking area, but then...::

... why do they have a medical clinic set up here? ::Not that the zombie disliked people staying in good health, but it seemed a little odd. Taking a seat on one of the hospital beds, he began to mull it over.::


First Paper Crane

 ::Wandering through the train, {...} looks for someone he can talk to for information-- even if it's something as simple as the name of it. He's nothing if not patient and if it takes him an eon to learn where he is and why, then so be it. But he's going to find out. There's something off about this whole situation, there's probably magic afoot, but that's just life.

And when is {...}'s life (unlife?) anything less than mysterious, anyway?

So far he's only made one decision about all this 'train' business, and that is that no matter what, he's going to get away from it somehow and get back to Hanna. Even if it takes the equivalent of a lifetime.::


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